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who are we?

Chemisan Chemical Company is an Iranian manufacturer located in Tehran. Since 2011, this company has been working proudly in the field of chemical production for more than 10 years with innovation and modernization. Our company's products include plasticizers, polymers such as polyester and one-component and two-component polyurethanes.

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Professional guidance and advice before buying to choose the best chemical products

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Providing comprehensive information and quickly responding to customer questions while purchasing polymer and chemical products.

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Technical support and solving product problems to satisfy customers

A memorable history...

From the past to the present

Initially, Chemisan was formed to supply raw materials to holding companies such as Shima Shoes, Zarin Poushesh Jam and Klar, but later on, it continued to operate as the main supplier of other companies in this industry. Currently, Chemisan supplies its products to other industries as well, and by keeping up-to-date technology and focusing on research and development, it has been able to enter global markets as an exporter of polyurethane materials.

Annual production capacity
Capable of producing…

Annual capacity

 Chemisan Group has proudly managed to increase its polyurethane production capacity to more than 40,000 tons per year. Therefore, by supplying more than 60% of the raw materials needed by the shoes industry, Chemisan prevents the departure of about 240 million dollars a year from Iran.

A clear vision...

Steps ahead

We are trying to improve the quality of our products day by day by relying on modern science and technology efficiency. The principles of commissions are based on the constant supply of products. In fact, even in the face of market fluctuations, we always provide our customers with the right quality at stable prices.

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Shima Shoes

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