Ambassador's Visit from Uzbekistan to the Chemisan Factory


Ambassador of Uzbekistan, Mr. Fareeduddin Nasriff, accompanied by Mr. Omid Babayev, the Economic Counsellor of Uzbekistan in Iran, visited the Chemisan Chemical Factory on May 16, 2024. Chemisan, as the largest producer of polyurethane in Iran, hosted this important visit. The main objective of this visit was to explore avenues of cooperation and to develop economic and industrial relations between Iran and Uzbekistan.

At the beginning of the visit, the CEO of Chemisan, Mr. Mohammad Hossein Arab, introduced the company and its products. He highlighted Chemisan's history and achievements, emphasizing that the company has been able to produce high-quality products in compliance with international standards by utilizing advanced technologies and skilled workforce. He also discussed the company's development projects and research, outlining future plans to expand production capacity and improve product quality.


Mr. Nasriff, the Ambassador of Uzbekistan, expressed satisfaction with the visit to the Chemisan factory, stating, "By observing the quality of Chemisan's products and the company's future prospects, we hope to establish important and long-term cooperation with this company." He also referred to the potential for cooperation in various industrial and commercial fields between the two countries and emphasized Uzbekistan's readiness to benefit from the experiences and capabilities of Iranian companies.

During the visit, the Ambassador and his delegation toured the factory's production sections and lines. They closely examined the production processes and quality control of Chemisan's products and raised questions about the technologies used and the advantages of Chemisan's products. Senior management of the company provided detailed answers to these questions and provided necessary explanations.

Mr. Omid Babayof, the Economic Counsellor of Uzbekistan in Iran, also emphasized the importance of economic cooperation between the two countries during this visit, stating that Uzbekistan seeks to establish strong and sustainable relations with Iran. He added that visits to companies such as Chemisan can contribute to a better understanding of Iran's industrial and economic capabilities and provide new opportunities for bilateral cooperation.

At the end of the visit, Mr. Mohammad Hossein Arab, the CEO of Chemisan, expressed hope that this meeting would contribute to strengthening economic and industrial relations between Iran and Uzbekistan. He emphasized that Chemisan is ready to play an effective role in the development of bilateral cooperation by offering quality products and services.

This visit marks an important step towards strengthening industrial and economic relations between Iran and Uzbekistan, and it is hoped that in the near future, we will witness increased cooperation and joint projects between companies of the two countries.

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