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Chemisan, a chemical company, is a manufacturer of various chemical products, including plasticizers with diverse properties and characteristics. These products comprise plasticizers such as DOP, DOTP, and DOA.

Other products of Komisan include polymer products such as shoe polyurethane and shoe glue.

A plasticizer is a type of chemical substance or compound added to polymers to enhance their flexibility and shape adaptability. The primary role of plasticizers in polymers is to reduce their rigidity and hardness, increasing their ability to change shape without breaking or cracking polymer molecules.

Incorporating plasticizers into polymers acts as a softening agent, resulting in desirable properties like flexibility and tensile strength over a range of temperatures. These attributes are of significance in various industrial applications, including the production of plastic pipes, plastic films, floor coverings, textiles, and more.

Plasticizers typically consist of various organic glycols or esters that are blended with polymers. Choosing the appropriate plasticizer for a specific application can contribute to enhancing the polymer's properties and the quality of the final product.

پلاستی سایزر DOTP پلاستی سایزر کمیسان


پلاستی سایزر DOA پلاستی سایزر کمیسان


پلاستی سایزر DOP پلاستی سایزر کمیسان


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