Chemisan polymer products

Polyurethane products

The extensive range of products from Chemisan encompasses polymer items such as polyurethane shoe soles and polyurethane shoe adhesives, each possessing distinct properties and characteristics tailored for specific applications. These shoe soles are designed with specific functionalities in mind.

In addition to the above, chemisan company also produces chemical products such as plasticizers.

Chemisan offers its line of shoe sole products in a thermosetting form, which comprises a well-balanced combination of polyol, isocyanate, and the requisite additives necessary for the final product. Also, Chemisan PU shoes adhesive is available as thermoplastic or single component. This meticulous formulation ensures the quality and performance of the shoe soles meet the desired standards and requirements of various applications.

Chemisan's commitment to delivering versatile polyurethane solutions for the footwear industry underscores its dedication to innovation and excellence. These products not only serve as a testament to their expertise in polymer technology but also as a testament to their dedication to providing high-quality materials to meet diverse needs in the industry.  

See the list of polymer products below.

kl-100 زیره کفش


fx-b100 زیره کفش


w-k400 زیره کفش


w-ib40 زیره کفش


زیره کفش پلی یورتان مدل K-LD-40.webp


زیره کفش میدسول پلی اورتان مدل M-LD-108



زیره کفش پلی اورتان WOT800



چسب کفش پی یو PU

Shoes Adhesive (Chem Glue)

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